Burswood Penthouse Apartment Makeover


My clients have owned their spacious 4 bed, 2 bath Penthouse apartment, on the Burswood Peninsula Golf Course, for some years. When they contacted me, they had decided to move into it after renting it out. They had furniture and many interesting collectibles from their vast travels.

The paint colour scheme was to focus mainly, on the successful combining of;

  1. the existing traditional style furniture,
  2. existing carpet colour and curtains and
  3. 3  x new wallpapers across four rooms.


First Impressions

How to make it all blend, with the existing modern kitchen bench tops and gloss white cabinets, huge glass windows and other very ‘modern’ elements of the spacious apartment?  

First impression for me, was the fabulous view of the city - looming large in the living room window frame.

Then, I noticed the vast walls - lots of them that were all painted white, with no adornment at all. It seemed lifeless and bland, with no character and warmth.

It was clear to us all what needed to be done!!

We decided to warm things up a bit, with some modern, geometric, “Art Deco”  style textured wallpapers and new paint colour. 

The paint colour had to do double time – coordinating  with the mushroom/mauve carpet which was throughout all rooms, and with the choice of 3 different  new wallpapers. 

There was to be ONLY one paint colour to be used throughout!!

Before Pictures 

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Photos from the project:


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Master Bedroom

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Video Testimonial