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This client needed all these wet areas re done and brought into the modern world for a very small budget of only $30,000.

How did we do it? 

We used tiles from a clearance warehouse, Free standing vanities from outlet stores and discounted taps, toilets and sinks that brought all the work under budget no problem.

The old Federation Style was replaced by bright modern and stylish colours to enhance the look and sense of space. New Glass shower screens and mirrors finished the look plus a new paint job.

Since the owner lived in the house whilst renovating, the trick was to do one wet room at a time, minimizing his disruption and inconvenience. Our tradies are very conscious of the customer and the lifestyle needs of the client so we are always considering how to make the renovation run smoothly and without the drama. A very happy Client is now enjoying both new bathrooms after only 3 weeks on the job to complete.

A very happy customer has already recommended us twice to his friends and workmates. That is the greatest reward for us and to see the end results - well that is just as good too!

Following are the After photos, followed by before shots from the tiny Ensuite bathroom. The main bathroom was also renovated. To see these look to the next post.




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Essence Interiors Kitchen Appears in WA Weekender Lifestyle Show

We were very pleased to have the WA Weekender lifestyle show.  The kitchen is used to help prepare some healthy meals and snacks to teach children good eating. You can see the kitchen is very functional and looks great on camera.

If you would like help and advice on your kitchen design then please contact me click here

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Picture Hanging- How to?


Picture Hanging Tips for the Home Decorator

There are a few rules to observe when trying to hang art in your home and it is surprising how many people always get this decorating task very wrong! I see it all the time when I go to people's homes and it can be avoided if you follow these 5 tips:


TIP 1 : Big walls demand big pictures or a series, a triptych, or a grouping;  small walls are for smaller pictures

TIP 2 : Try to keep all the frames in one are the same material eg all timber or all black frames.

TIP 3 : Get the centre of the main picture or the 'group' to be at your eye height when hung , not above and not below.

TIP 4 : If the frames are all different, try to group them in an organic and mixed way rather that in straight lines

TIP 5 : Take note of colour and subject and try to make pictures 'relate' when they are placed near each other.



There are no rules that you must line up the top of frames with the top of door or window frames! Dont do it!

You dont have to centre a picture on a wall either if it means it looks better there.

Frames that are the same size and shape should always be spaced apart equally in a line, or in a four square.

You can use a big sheet of butchers paper to first plan out how a group of paintings will look- draw on the frame shapes and

hold up the paper plan to see if it works.

There is no rule about hanging a frameless 'canvas' next to a framed print.

Always buy original Art if you can afford it and keep the artist's name and profile safe- for when they get famous!!

Protect Canvas photos and paintings from fading in the direct sun.

Use your imagination and use plates , dresses, tea towels, coasters you've collected or your favourite movie poster as art.

Frame your Art by choosing a frame with a Mat card and do it yourself- its much cheaper!

If the object is thick or is 3-d ( like shells or something that sticks out) you will need a 'box frame".

Memorabilia is valuable and you should consider professional framing for your teams footy jersey.

Family photos look great going up in an angle along a stairwell wall and try to keep them all the same ( eg all black and white)


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One of the smallest rooms but one of the most used, bathrooms have a special place in our lives. A great looking, functional bathroom adds great value to a home and to your quality of life.

Consider first if you want to achieve a functional family bathroom, a luxurious adult retreat, a smart powder room for guests or a combined bathroom laundry with multi purpose, next consider the look and feel and then contact the plumber and electrician to see what "can be achieved" first before you make any concrete plans.

You may find you are restricted by the location of water and electricity supplies to the space and that will greatly affect the layout and function of the room.

Below are after shots of the very same bathroom renovated.






























Follow these steps to ensure your bathroom renovation is a success!


1. THE BIGGER PICTURE- think about what you need now and in the future for your bathroom?

Are there kids on the way or are you empty nesting? You may not need a bath? What are your 'must haves'

and what are the 'luxury items' and can you afford both? What will be the feature item and what can you spend less on to achieve it?

Is you existing hot water system enough to supply the new bathroom and is the water pressure adequate?

What about lighting? Can you add additional wall lights or extractor fans in the ceiling or is there a slab above?

Ventilation is very important- what natural and artificial ventilation will you have? 


2. GET THE FOUNDATIONS RIGHT- Consult a plumber and electrician early on to avoid costly mistakes. If you plan on radical changes to layout and location of services

this is crucial as there will be limits and barriers to what you can and cant do. Also a tiler may help you early

on to see what will look best and be more functional in layout. At this point it might be worth asking about a

'hobless' shower recess ( for better access) , the possibility of installing a strip drain, mixer taps, shower rail and

for those wanting a modern look; wall mounted taps and spouts or floor mounted bath fillers. You cannot decide to have a free standing bath,

then all of a sudden later on, announce you want a floor mounted bath tap/filler. The plumbing for both these is required to be

altered and cut into the slab early on, before any works begin. Same for wall mounted taps and mixer taps. Make sure toilet suites are the right ones

to match the existing pipeworks into the floor or into the wall ( s trap or p trap)


3. SEARCH FOR FITTIINGS AND FIXTURES WITHIN THE BUDGET- no use planning a glamourous free standing bath tub and floor spout if

your budget wont allow. Search around outlet shops, sales and clearances, car park sales and online for the fitting you want at the right price.

At this point be aware of the cheap imports and the need to comply with plumbing WELS rating ( for taps and toilets/showers) Some plumbers

will refuse to install not rated, imported fittings that do not comply. Consult the tiler early and learn what is the difference in laying costs for

things like; porcelain rectified tiles, stone, slate or natural stone, ceramic tiles with red biscuit, edging strips, mitred edges and all the

tiling items like height of tiles and straight or decorative laying patterns- these will all cost you extra. Discuss grout lines and colours, which will show

dirt or make the bathroom look bigger/small. Its vital you do all THIS HOMEWORK FIRST, BEFORE YOU BEGIN.


4.  DIMENSIONS AND DETAILS - Take note of the dimensions of the vanity cabinet, mirror, tub size, basin and tap sizes and keep all of the

brochures which contain vital diagrams of products that plumbers need. Check with an electrician about things like- heated towel rails, extractor fans

and heat lamps, pendant lights and whether the lighting you choose is adequate enough. Its too hard to rectify later! As far as the look is concerned-

look at the bathroom design magazines, websites such as HOUZZ, PINTREST, BELLE, LIVING ETC, HOUSE AND GARDEN and gather use photos

in a look book. Visit the tile shops and work out the tiles you want and look for the similat thing in a tile warehouse outlet like Ceramic Warehouse in

Howe st Perth. There are real bargains to be had here- saving you hundreds. Dont forget the floor wastes- small yet very conspicuous in a lot of cases-

a bad or ugly/rusting floor waste destroys the look of your finished bathroom - so go for the sqaure chrome variety, strip drains or channel grate or the fancy tile

insert type supplied by plumbing stores. Same goes for accessories- try to get matching hooks, rails and holders that speak of 'quality' and not a last minure after thought!


5. MEASURE, PLAN, CONSIDER........- MEASURE EVERYTHING!!- including the height of windows, doors, ceiling height, toilet pipe location ( called set-back),

location of existing floor wastes, height of electrical points and try and map these out on scaled graph paper. Be precise, as the slightest miscalculation will cost you greatly.

Consider storage needs- its no good installing a fabulous wall hung sleek vanity top if there are no cupboards in it to store your stuff?

Same in a powder room- will you need just a wall sink or a small cabinet in there for toilet gear? Discuss with a cabinet maker your needs if you are going

custom made, if not explore the combinations of stone tops and units which can be mixed and matched at Bathroom Outlet or your local

Reece, Tradelink and Plumbtec stores. Even Bunnings, Ikea and Masters have a good range of bathroom products at great prices.


6. PROJECT MANAGING THE RENOVATION - if you are not confident, then dont trust yourself to manage the works. Get a project manager in who will

provide everything for you including the trades needed, the materials, tiles selection, fittings and make sure they are all delivered to site, ready to go.

Timing is key and having an expert do that for you is simply vital to the success of any bathroom renovation. See our Project management page for our

packages and rates. If you are doing it yourself - take time off to supervise, keep checking - everything! Ask many questions, as if it doesnt look right-

it probably isnt right! The tradesmen are your best friend and they are a fountain of knowledge so use their expertise to guide you through. Dont

presume they will ask you - they wont. They are used to being told. A tiler may not be able to advise you on tile colour- thats when you will need

a colour consultant or an interior designer to help. See our initial consult or packages on the rates pages.


7. FINISHING TOUCHES -  the bathroom will need a good clean at the end and this is the time to check for defects like missing grout, leaky taps



small storage containers and drawer organisers for all those 'tiny bits' we all collect. Ikea is a great source for these. Consider window treatments or simply use

window film to keep prying eyes out. Make sure the lighting is bright enough or use a stronger watt bulb.

                                                            HAPPY BATHROOM RENOVATING!



   BEFORE                                         AFTER                                      












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The top Six areas of Home Improvement you are most asked for help on? The top Six areas of Home Improvement you are most asked for help on?

So, I'm often asked ,

" what do most people want help with? What sort of house issues do you mostly deal with when a customer asks for help?"

 This question is best answered in the top 6 " what  our customers want most  " ,  bullet points below;



Many of my customers already have a good idea of what they like, or have chosen a few integral pieces but need help to coordinate it all and get a paint colour or two to suit the furniture they may already have. Customers, I find, want to create a "flow" of interior colour and style and are wanting to confirm or refine their own choices. Asking an expert with an objective view, product knowledge and a fresh set of eyes, always helps to clarify a customer's vision of their own home and how they want it to be. Even those with the strongest of design flair and eye for colour, have contacted me in the past as it is so easy to get bogged down in your own ideas and your imagination - so allowing a fresh take on a situation is a revealing way to brainstorm an interior space. The building or renovating process can be so in-depth and involved, there is so much to learn about products- you may never have thought about before! ( an example is toilets; do you want a wall hung, wall faced, back to wall, close coupled or a link suite toilet suite and given the choices - which one of these will actually fit your plumbing that exists in your home?) A choice in a simple toilet suite- may seem so simple to begin with......but so very complicated when the details and the technical aspects are restricted and need to be addressed. Its like fitting a square peg in a round hole!!



Helping customers who are not confident with being a bit daring with colour, who are nervous about using bold colour and / or pattern on their interior walls- these are the customers I help most and do most often. There are those who need some direction on how or where to put colour, to highlight certain areas of the home or use a wallpaper or a specialty paint, to add a special feature or to create "drama" in their home. They need some guidance in choosing colours to suit the mood of each room, (as colour does in fact affect your mood) and at the same time making sure coordinating furnishings also fit the scheme ( eg orange and lime green, tends to go well with Retro design schemes and black and white with "classic" design schemes.)

A lot of my clients and many people in general, do not have the colour confidence to make colour choices themselves- thats why they contact a professional like Essence Interiors to help. Showing people how colour can lift a room, heighten their senses, change or alter their mood and make a room more "restful', 'lively", " passionate" or "calming" can have a huge affect on how the occupants use the room and how a person lives in it. When you allow a person to be creative with colour in their home and show them  that it is ok- the benefits to the home owners are amazing!


The most crucial part of doing any renovation and doing it properly, is having an expert at hand who knows and understands all about the technical details of a renovation- items that need our attention and need to be specified way, way before any work can actually start. This sort of knowledge will stop hold up's, costly product choice mistakes, and poor design by bad misjudgement of the floor plan. Most people are not knowledgable about plumbing, electrical, tiling and cabinetry design and installation and that is fair enough!! So best to get someone who has a general good grounding in all these things to handle it for you. Another important thing is the timing of trades- this is most vital as there is a certain order of trades that just MUST be adheared to or the project will not run smooth. A good project manager, when supervising a job will know all the hiccups that can occur when planning new layouts in kitchens and cabinetry in home renovations. Many technical items, regulations and requirements are always present ( especially in any wet area renovation) - so having an expert who knows what to expect and guide you around what are "fixed" and "variable" options- this is worth its weight in gold and will save the renovator a lot of time , energy and expense in the long run. Budgeting, planning and getting the "bang for your renovation buck" is what the expert advice from Essence will give any renovator looking for help to get their project underway.


My customers are often very overwhelmed by their builder's pre-start requirements when building new homes- the choices are too wide, products too many and the list of things to decide on is way too long - so they can get very confused. Enter Essence Interiors!! When I meet with the pre start client, we can narrow down their choices for them, explain the benefits and the drawbacks of all products, make suggestions, show alternatives and give more options if needed. We can show them the good and bad features in products available and the differing finishes. We give them extra help if they are not getting enough time and attention from their own builder' s in- house service offering- allowing them to make better, more educated and considered decisions about that most expensive of all investments- their new home. Tiles selections is one area we can help a lot in Pre start. With an expert to guide their choices, we can suggest feature tiling, how to use tiles to the best economic advantage, and special design ideas and considerations that they would never think of. Turning a bathroom of tiles from drab to fab!! Just with a little help and inspiration from Essence! As well as tiling, lighting design is another area where an expert can really bring "pazazz" and life into a regular building plan and bring new light on the subject! Having an expert look over the lighting plan the builder gave you- this can make a huge difference in how the home looks and feels in the end- the completed home.... An exercise in illumination! Essence has the skill to make the lighting plan really shine!!


The variations in window dressing these days is so varied that it can be very difficult to make a decision re; what window dressing for what window etc... My customers find that help is required to refine and simplify the choices for form and function, for each room and what is appropriate for each area. This task is quite a feat and takes an expert who knows their windows to work out what is best for each case. What is required in bedrooms is often very different to what is needed in the living areas and the dining or theatre room for example. There are some very simple ways to dress a window and very economical ways, then there are very elaborate treatments that will cost a lot more- finding out what these options are, and then working out what will suit the space and the budget is something that requires help by experts. That's where we come in- Essence provides the advice on blinds and curtains and the suppliers that can help with the manufacturers  and the fabrics to get the job done professionally or to help with ready-made options that will do the job just as well with minimal cost outlay.  We are adept at looking at both options so the best result can be achieved whatever the budget. A good designer can not only help with materials and fabrics for the windows, but also for the coordinating furnishings and upholstery if necessary.


Customers who have never bought original art before or who don't know how to adorn their home with their own personal touch, do need an expert to guide them sometimes and source items for the home that appeal to them.....Art appreciation is a very personal thing, but it can help if the customer knows where to go and look for items  to decorate- art auctions, council art awards, craft fairs, art exhibitions, online home wares retailers and wholesalers- an expert in the industry like Essence Interiors,  can help to procure the items needed to add that special " wow " to a space.........there is so many options from art to personalise photo canvases, commissioned art, sculpture and locally sourced items that the owner really has a sense of attachment to ( this may even be framed memorabilia). Knowing the right picture framers, local artists and the places to go to find decorator items  that don't cost the earth, but look just fantastic.....that's what we are good at- so leave it to us!!  Having completed several display homes and apartments- we know how to get the impact needed to create an impression in any space, in any home. Access to wholesale pricing on furniture, art and accessories is such a bonus to get when you deal though a professional in the business.




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Why use a Project Manager?


Consider this? How many trades do you think will be needed for an average bathroom renovation?

Did you guess around 3? A  Plumber, a tiler and electrician? Guess Again!!

Try about 8!  Yes 8-10 tradies may be required on just one bathroom renovation job.....

Glazier – shower screens and mirrors
Tile Removalist - essential if your demolition job is to be as “clean” as possible with dust extraction.
Tiler - do you need a specialist natural stone tiler or ceramic tiler who can lay Porcelain tiles?
Electrican gas and hot water - lights, heated towel rails, hot water systems and power points.
Cabinetmaker – if custom cabinets are required to be made to suit the area.
Carpenter – to re hang doors, architraves and to construct bulkheads, repair Gyprock walls etc.
Plumber – goes without saying? A licenced plumber is required to visit at least twice.
Painter - there’s always paint touch ups even if you are going to the cornice with tiles.



All these tradies must be well coordinated to make sure the project of bathroom renovation goes smoothly without any mistake, missing items or major hold ups.

The order of trades visiting the site is paramount.

Does the plumber need to move pipes before the walls can be gyprocked? Can the glazier measure up for glass before tiling?

If you do not know the order of things, or you are unsure of how to manage tradies on your job-

This can turn into a nightmare for you, as tradies will get fed up of having to repeatedly come back to fix this and that ( and they will charge you for doing that too!)

How to get the job done properly with minimum fuss and bother?   



Is to do the following;

  • Order all taps, sinks, floor wastes, toilets, showers, basins, baths, plug and waste and all necessary items ensuring that the set- out, the wells rating and the dimensions of all items are in line with the plans. ( sometimes it is not feasible to replace taps with mixers etc..)
  • Liase with the cabinet maker and supply the basins and taps for the job as he will need to cut out the hoe for sink and tap. Design and select finishes for any cabinetry. Select stone for vanity top if using and get a template for stone mason.
  • Check that on delivery of these items that mistakes have not been made to the order - yes this happens ALL the time;   (wrong sinks, no plugs, wrong floor waste, missing parts...)
  • Meet tradies on site and brief them on how you want the work to look or to function. Order a skip bin to collect the rubble and make sure the site is kept clean and tidy of rubble.
  • Select all tiles, ( with or without the client), decided ont he design and look of the tile lay out and the decorative elements, grout and angle ( if using angle to finish off edges) and have them all delivered and ready on site
  • Brief the tiler about the layout of the tiles, which direction tiles should run and how they are to be used in decorative tiling and where the fall of tiles needs to be in showers etc, hob or no hob, will there be a tiled hob below the vanity or in the shower etc..Tiling is the MOST VISUAL job and you’ll want to get his one right!.
  • Brief Plumber on the exact position of the pipes and the floor waste, type of waste, types and positioning of taps, shower head height ( this varies with people), position of spouts, type and selection of toilet and its operation ( wall hung toilets and concealed cistern toilets especially.)
  • Brief the electrician on the positioning of lights and power points and if heated towel rails, extractor fans etc are required and have all items ready on site. Are regulations met regarding safety switch and smoke detectors?
  • Meet the glazier - measure up and decide what screens and mirror size/ types are needed.
  • Supervise all trades and organise a painter and carpenter to finish off the details at the end.
  • Trouble shoot- there are numerous things that can and do go wrong- not enough tiles, damaged goods, wrong fittings that won’t fit, not enough grout, plumbing problems....


How much does Project Management cost? We can negotiate a percentage rate of the total estimated cost; this is around 15% (  if all invoices are paid by the owner direct ). On a bathroom renovation like this one in COMO, estimated at $15,000,  that equates to only $2,250 for that Peace of mind that you get from having an Expert on the job to handle everything!  It’s Well worth it!


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Read Our Latest Testimonial

Please see out latest testimonial from our client Lesley Dean Click Here

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2014 Dulux Colour Awards Entry

We are very honoured to be entering the Dulux Colour Awards 2014. Essence interiors has been a previous finalist and we know this latest stunning entry will be well received. See photos from the project click here 

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