Are you decorating a brand new home? doing a mini makeover of an existing home? or looking to buy new things to freshen up a few rooms? Are you looking to give the home a facelift with new paint colours? Are you unsure of the colours that will enhance your space? Make it look bigger or cosier? Do you have some ideas but not the confidence to come up with a great colour scheme? Don’t worry we can help. Decorating and Styling homes is our Forte.

one of our major services we offer is help with choosing, coordinating and then documenting the paint colours for your home. This task is made easy by using a Dulux colour fan deck to choose all your shades, coordinating with existing or new tiles, cabinets and furnishings. We look at the atmosphere you want to achieve, the feel, the flow and the special feature you want to enhance or to draw attention to. Then we come up with a complete painting house plan ( all walls marked with different colour) and a colour key, documented room- by room schedule of paint finishes and colour samples for you to carry on you. The process could not be easier or simpler- just hand it over to the paint contractor or we will arrange for the paint contractor too! •

Sometimes we wish to keep certain pieces and make some new furniture purchases to match in. We help to design and plan, decide the shape and size of the furniture pieces you’ll need. We have suppliers that are skill in custom design or we have discounts at retail centres we can pass on to you. Its always good having an expert on hand as there are functional, durability, manufacturing and fabric issues that must be considered as well as special, dimensional and layout issues with every room. Dining rooms, storage, table shapes, sizes, buffets coordinating overhead lighting, low lighting and of course the all important ‘comfy couch’ are all part of the fundamentals we cover in styling your home. Got an entrance that needs attention but don’t know what to do? We have the tips and tricks to make that entrance a ‘grand one’. •

Are you considering Wallpaper or decorative finishes? We have used many wallpapers and have many contacts for suppliers- let’s discuss how we can enhance a space with a wall design. Our contractors are the best in Perth. • Pre – Start. We can take your through your entire Pre Start Process choosing all those necessary colours for external and internal; tiles , kitchen cabinets, vanities, flooring, carpet wall colour. Taking the pressure off you. Then after the pre start is done, follow up with a home decorating package that helps equip you with the know how to finish the home entirely so it all flows and feels like the whole scheme is tied in. Take out the stress and worry of choosing it all- we can assist and do it all for you with little input or lots. • ART WORKS. Is art a complete mystery to you? Do you want to own some amazing original art but don’t know where to start? Artists in Perth exhibit regularly in galleries and for council art prizes- there are big bargains to grab if you know how. We can show you some art styles and from there, see what style you like and wish to include in your home. Art is personal- we can’t choose it for you- you have to love it yourself! But we can give you the leads and the inspiration to take it further. We know many great WA artists all happy to help you. •

For sale or display homes. We have helped many builders with Decorating and furnishing entire Display Homes. See the photo gallery. We are very experienced at making over spaces with furniture and accessories, right down to the minor details. Make a real impression with a brand new decorating theme in a house, apartment or display unit with us handling all the details. Fuss free and really economical we always look for the best buys to furnish the space with style, colour and total wow factor.

Oh wow this is a popular one. Lots of people need help here and often they need to coordinate this with carpets and wall colour. Whether you choose to have custom made curtains and blinds with our trusted suppliers, or you would like us to source a more budget conscious ‘off the shelf’ solution for your windows- no worries because we can do both! You do not need to spend a fortune because we are fully versed on getting the look without spending huge amounts. There are off the shelf curtains and blinds that can be made to fit and installed without fuss. Same goes with any soft furnishing, upholstery and scatter cushions, bed linen and throws. We make it all tie in and look a million dollars.

Flooring, carpet, timber, vinyl plank, stone , tiles. Don’t let the millions of options get you all confused? We break it down for you- every option, every strength and weakness, whats hot, whats not, what will work and what will probably not. Flooring is a big ticket and important key item to choose. Get it right the first time with the correct advice and the suppliers that will not let you down. The tricks of the trade are with us so we will give you ideas to make better use of carpet and flooring, thinking outside the square to get what you need. Our suppliers are the best at what they do and happy to help you. Whether you choose tiles, stone, timber, vinyl or carpet has a lot to do with your lifestyle, pets, kids and the way you use the home- be informed- get the right advice and not be disappointed.