Colours of the season- Coastal Colour of the year: Turquoise

Colours of the ocean, the sky and rivers will relax and calm you, engage your senses, revive and enchant you
while bringing to your home, a vibrant sense of fun and happiness, sunshine and holiday memories.

Look for many accessories in aqua, turquoise and shades of teal, sea blue, denim, powder blue, aquamarine and
Sapphire and use them in a neutral background to bring life and vitality to a living room, sun room
a bedroom, or a kitchen.

Choose glass bottles, vases and canvas prints with the same hue as a common thread. Use a knitted throw, patterned cushion and pair these with neutrals with texture such as mohair, shag and shiny fabrics
and solid plain colours to bring life to a room.

Make sure the hue of aqua is the same throughout,
but mix in some white, cream and some chrome in frames and art to make sure the scheme does not
become 'overdone'.

Turquoise Blue.................
The coastal colour of the year, take your cue from the view and decorate inside
to complement the outside.

Decorating with Turquoise as your accent colour need not be an expensive exercise- all the accessories pictured

in this post came from stores like Thingz, Adairs, Target and Kmart. You just need to scan for the colour you want in store

and pick up a few pieces to bring together the look and feel of the seaside.



Colour of the season is turquoise blue, jade,teal and all hues of blue.