Timelapse Video of Room Set Up.

This video was taken in 2013 after we had moved in to our newly built house. After painting, carpeting and tiling g our ensuite was complete, the whole family got together in one afternoon - to put together the furniture pieces, dress the bed, place the items and put up curtains. So that we could move in and use the bedroom. My son Ari used his GO PRO camera to film us as we tackled these tasks...........you can see my parents, myself and husband all chipping in and the room gradually taking some shape! The room has a "monochromatic" colour scheme in that; the colour varies little from coffee hues, to latte, to coffee cream and there are many textures- shiny chrome, to fur and satin and suede

( bed head is upholstered from a coffee chenille fabric with buttons from Upholsterers Cover the Lot.)

We decided on hanging two pendant light shades ( shaped like tear drops of chrome from BEACON Lighting ) either side of the bed two reasons for this- to save on space for the bedside table, which I always put al my stuff on and to allow better reading light at the side of the bed.

These are operated, separately on each side, from the bed with a switch at the bedhead side and so is the overhead ceiling fan, so its convenient at night to turn off.

The room has a large walk in wardrobe which starts at one end with a desk/ dressing area both sides and turns into hanging one side, and banks of drawers all along the other side. We have a ironing station in there, to iron last minute shirts, a jewellery cabinet and shoe storage and a long side mirror at the end. There is no need for any clothes storage in the room itself. So the only furniture in the room is a King size bed, two bedsides, a console table ( plasma tv) and a decorative arm chair with footstool.

I like to keep scarves and beads, belts and costume jewellery on my "bust" stand which sits next to the arm chair. This is a fun, quirky way of storing these items while adding a decorative touch.

On the walls are two identically framed- Designer Boys art works featuring sewn on Beads on a silk neutral background subtle neutral colours that work well In the scheme. Bought whilst at Design Ex Melbourne one year- I knew they would end up in the bedroom!

Mostly we use taupe/coffee/ beige and brown bed sheets and a platinum/ silver/ gold quilted coverlet with a light creamy fluffy fur throw-sometimes with Black and Silver throw cushions to contrast although sometimes, for a change, I like to use purple, plum and deep violet tones in cushions to change it up.

Soft floaty, sheer bronze curtains that hang full length over the sliding doors to the courtyard, are made of slightly metallic plain fabric that billow and shimmer in the breeze and add a lovely soft and floaty touch that can be very soothing. They are backed with block out lining in silver that comes across the back a night for privacy. Curtains do a lot to frame a nice view and make a room comfy.

The bedroom is a warm, cocooning sanctuary for me. many people say its very calming and serene the muted tones give it a "glow"
of peace ad serenity. I love it! Aaaaaah Bedroom Bliss!