Renovation Packages


Remote Renovation Package

This package is for those people who are away most of the time, are working on remote locations, remote mine sites, are fly in fly out, or off shore drilling, working on oil rigs or working overseas etc.

The package is designed to be completed by phone fax and email correspondence only, with little or no face-to-face contact with the client. This is done by using photographs, digital images, scanned floor images, and through the use of the internet websites such as to determine the colours and the clients needs.

The consult is initially by phone and email only, then a site visit is arranged with the letting agent or keyholder. (The client need not be present for site visit). A report is then given on the property and the client needs are assessed, along with the available budget and a report is email to client

If the report is accepted and the client wishes to go ahead – then a contract is signed, estimates are made, quotes are done and the client is kept up to date with daily progress of the renovations by email and with photos taken on site digitally and sent direct to them by email.

There are regular cost report updates and a regular count of all outgoings is kept in a running tally in MYOB.

All payments are made via internet banking facilities and all trades and material are disbursed by Essence, on behalf of the client.

Package Incudes:

  • Initial email consult
  • 2 follow u phone calls to discuss renovations, of up to 40 mins each
  • Unlimited email plans, pictures, information and images, website links etc
  • A site visit of up to 1 hour – for the purpose of making a renovation report
  • An email renovation report plus an initial rough estimate of costs – sent back by email within 2 weeks of the site visit
  • Recommendations and supplier referrals for finishes, products, flooring, window dressing, pain colour, etc

Total 4 Hours of work approximately

Cost of initial ‘Remote Renovations Package’ is $440 including GST 

(Payable on first day consult)