The Renovation Process

Renovations management job:

1. Design and draw up all cabinetry, for all wet areas, to be fitted and order, measure, specify and detail all this with the cabinetmaker and stonemason as required.

2. Be able to discuss in depth with you, kitchen design and cabinet internals, accessories, placement of all appliances and services, to achieve the best result

3. Advise on the most suitable and durable materials and appliances for the job, given the clients' budget and personal requirements.

4.Ensure all cabinet details are ordered correctly, checked and site measured, re -measured and that handles and hardware are ordered correctly.

5. Source and order all plumbing goods, as per plansand measure to fit spaces on plan, check the dimensions and the set -backs, ensuring tapware is WELS compliant and have these sent to site

6.Measure and order all other materials including any kitchen and laundry appliances, sinks, basins, baths, flooring, lighting, heaters, airconditioners

7.Assess the amount and types of lighting required, including the use of LED light fittings,pendant lights down-lights and three- in -one bathroom lights and order lights accordingly.

8. Brief the plumber and electrician on the “rough – in” of all electrical and plumbing pipe work, showing how, where and what items will be fitted and discuss the important technical issues.

9 .Solve any design issues on the spot, before the rough- in, with discussions between trades that are relevant to the installation of an item or the rectifying of a problem.

10.Brief the electrician about the general electrical and lighting plan, in detail and be specific about light switch positions, two ways, sensors, power points, 4 gangs, tv/data points, phone points, extra circuits, wet area regulations and other issues to do with power and electrical regulations.

11.Brief the plumbers about the precise locations and details of all tap ware, baths, shower heights, mixer taps, filter units, bench, wall, hob or sink mounts, and the location of hot and cold water pipes inside the cabinetry, fridge plumbing, gas points, etc

12.Make sure all electrical and plumbers instructions comply with safety standards, before rough- in and check for safety switch, smoke detector, over flow valves, floor drainage and other regulatory items, that must be included by law.

13 .Consider things like door handles, locks, hinges, door swing, door stoppers, clearance and fit off for the site carpenter. Have all doors measured, manufactured and delivered to site.

14 .Order and supervise fit off of any free standing cabinetry, cavity sliders, flooring, decking, stairs, balustrade, carpets, air con and any other appliance items.

15.Order and select all tiles, grout, floor wastes and trim, in accordance with the tilers instructions and supervise / assist the tiler with any laying issues.

16 .Supervise and be diligent about the proper waterproofing and fall preparation of the wet are tiling areas for shower recesses, baths, balconies etc

17. Order and specify the glass products, screens, mirrors and splashbacks and supervise the fit off of the glazing works to completion.

18.Specify all paint finishes and supervise all paint work and finishing to a high standard.

19.Ensure the correct fit off of all light fittings, plumbing and tap ware, handles and doors, appliances and the rectification of any mistakes thereof

20.Check for connection of gas and water services, fix leaks and other abnormalies.